The real-time decision maker

Ember is a decision engine. In plain English? Understanding what every caller is after, Ember decides the best way to handle each call in real-time.

Driven by data

To decide the best way to handle every caller, Ember considers thousands of data inputs. For every call. Instantaneously.

  • 365 days’ worth of data for every caller – from online history with your brand, to the keywords and campaigns that got them there
  • What digital advertising they interacted with
  • Their purchase history and value
  • Other website visitors’ journeys and outcomes
  • Even third party plugins – data on demographics, segmentation, marketing automation, agent performance metrics, agent age, gender, accent and specialisms.

Cooler still, what inputs Ember considers can be completely customised, so its handling decisions are totally tailored for your customers.

Turning data into results

Seeing the page a caller viewed before picking up the phone, Ember can instantly route the call to an agent in that area.

Calculating every caller’s propensity to buy, it knows which lead is hottest, putting them through first. How Ember routes these hot leads can be customised too. For example, easier wins can be directed to less experienced agents to build confidence.

Ember enhances the connection between callers and agents, making better matches based on any criteria, from demographics to areas of interest and specialisms.

Understanding what product the caller is interested in from the frequency of their online visits and to which pages, Ember can even recommend the best action for agents to take next to help get the sale. But that is just the start of what Ember is capable of.

Unlimited potential

Using machine learning, it continuously improves its already impressive accuracy. And if it doesn’t have enough data to make an accurate decision, it won’t. It’ll decide to handle the call more conventionally instead – every caller gets the service that’s best for them.

Ember’s potential is limitless. Entirely customisable, infinitely scalable, the capabilities outlined so far only just scratch the surface of what Ember could do for your business.