How call prioritision increased conversion for Virgin.

Virgin Holidays

Ember helps Virgin Holidays say no to IVR

Virgin Holidays call handlers undergo extensive training to become experts about the different holidays they offer. They even go as far as sending agents to specific destinations to gain first-hand experience and ensure they have the best knowledge possible to help a customer.

However, routing customers to the right expert meant a caller had to navigate an IVR which, though relatively short, resulted in high drop-off rates. This left them with a tough decision: if they ditched the IVR, the trade-off was connecting customers to non-specific teams at a cost to quality of interaction and conversions.

Virgin Holidays

Ember from ResponseTap was the answer.

By analysing thousands of data points from a customer’s online journey , Ember was able to predict the holiday destination that a customer was calling about. Using these insights, Ember routes callers directly to the specialist teams best suited to assist them, bypassing their IVR.

We split-tested Ember against a control group of customers who went through the existing IVR, resulting in a:


increase in call connections


increase in agent performance


increase in call-to-sale conversion rate

With improved metrics across the board, Virgin Holidays have rolled out Ember to all major departments, improving both the customer experience and call centre performance.

By saying no to IVR, they’ve connected more calls to the right agent, more quickly – resulting in better conversations, higher conversions and happier customers.

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