Turn every ring ring into kerching

Use thousands of data points from each customer’s journey to predict caller intent and personalise the call experience, to have the right conversation and nail every sale.

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Intelligently route and connect callers

Don’t let IVR kill leads

Up to 50% of callers hang up or press any key when they hit an IVR. Ember intuitively connects callers directly to the right department. Goodbye, call-killing IVR. Hello, sales.

Pick up the wins first

Prioritise the hottest leads

Automatically identifying the hottest prospects, bringing these callers to the front of the queue, Ember connects agents to the best leads first. Never miss a sale again.

What we do

Increase conversions

with more relevant and persuasive conversations

Improve customer experience

routing callers faster to the right agents

Higher average order value

because the hottest leads are answered first

Make connections that get sales

Match prospects to the perfect agent


Predicting callers’ interests, Ember can pair them with agents that have the right know-how, or connect top agents to cooler customers, upping the chance of conversion.

Know exactly what each caller needs

Read minds

Before anyone says hi, Ember knows what callers need to hear. Based on each online journey, it recommends the info, discounts and products that’ll help agents clinch the sale.

Our Clients

Getting you started


You’ll work with our Product Specialists to agree your success criteria for Ember.


Every Ember implementation is customised to your business.


Ember is piloted against your existing call handling software. Once optimised, it can be rolled out to every team.

Tailor each inbound call. Nail every sale